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A timely reminder

The tools of our trade

This Weekend we started our farming adventure in earnest, up until this point we had been playing with hypothetical ideas and discussing the Should We, could we and do we of it all. This weekend our first livestock arrived and went into the soon to be bustling habitat, and with it came exciting news that another Insect business was about to hit the shelves in 150 sainsbury stores! The "do we" had just hit its first true litmus test and came back with a resounding yes,

We are so thrilled that Insects are being viewed as more than just a gimmick and we have some exciting ideas and recipes to help introduce these super bugs into your diet.

Our Crickets come from UK stock and our products will be thus manufactured, sure we could get stock from suppliers in Asia, and in fact we've found a couple of ethical producers that we would like to work with, but could we really talk about the virtues of Crickets and then sell you a product with a farm to fork mileage of about 5000 miles? Not really!

So with that in mind you may have to wait a few months before we hit commercial quantities of stock, but stick with us because this journey is not only going to taste great, we're hoping to have some fun too, and we would truly love you to join us.

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