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A year of dreams

It’s Christmas and what started out as a loose conversation about a great idea, is now a reality.

Six Feet Farms now have social media accounts, we have a registered company address, a phone number, a logo, a vision, but most importantly we have livestock reaching maturity any time now and then our very first batch of Six Feet Farmed Crickets will be with us.

We have insect farming brethren as local to us in Devon as South Wales and as far away as south east Asia and Australia, and all of our peers share the belief that crickets will become a part of everyday life in the coming years, and the insect farming community appears to be full of open minded motivated groups all trying to make this a reality for every person in every home, from those prepared to change up their diets entirely, to those that will just take a small step perhaps eating cricket cookies, or adding to smoothies rather than using whey as their choice of protein.

It’s hard not to fill our writing with vitriol, but the planet is changing and with it we need to change as well, whether that’s rejecting single use plastics, using your car one less day a week or being fussier about what you eat, we can, should and will endeavour to make the world a happy and healthy place for us and for future generations.

The two of us have young children, and there’s nothing quite like children to reignite the wonder of the world to us grown ups, in this coming year as our products become available, we would love you to live like children, with adventure in your hearts and wonder in your eyes, after all it was curiosity that started this journey for the two of us.

Here’s looking forward to you celebrating positive change with us in the coming months.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

Ed and Si

Six Feet farms


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