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All things in their time. 

It is with great sadness and regret that we write this note. After 2 years of learning, growing, harvesting and educating we have decided to close the doors on Six Feet Farms. Our journey into Entomology has been exceptional, learning about the incredible biology of Acheta Domesticus and the incredible potential that insects have as part of the food chain has been a joy. We truly believe insects are a part of the future of sustainable protein for our ever growing population, and we have zero doubt that ethical vertical farms will one day reduce the over consumption of poor quality products that are so readily available, this includes hydroponic farms growing vegetables and salad crops and even perhaps beef printed from stem cells. Unfortunately however Six Feet Farms will not be part of this new agricultural journey. Our initial set up had us producing good yields throughout a British winter and we found our techniques constantly being refined and improved, but to make the bridge from where we were to where we wanted to be required more than we were capable of committing to the project, we had large pre orders, good interest in the project and a product we truly believe in, but after 2 years the legal, scientific and financial gap was still to far for us to reach across. We are excited to see where the British insect industry heads, we are seeing some amazing innovation in the scientific community and have no doubt that the insects for feed and food sector will get there, but we feel it will require a stable Europe, clear legislation and technological innovation to get there. But sadly we will be spectators, not the pioneers we hoped to be. So to those that believed in us we thanks you, and those that continue on, in this incredible field we salute you and wish you good fortunes. Thanks again With Love Simon and Ed Six Feet Farms


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